Wicked Wizards is a cooperative four player Shooter game about evil wizards destroying the forces of good. The game combines fantasy and heavy metal aesthetics in a hoard survival shooter with tower defense elements.

As the primary sound designer for most of the project, what I did on this project was:

- Creating sound effects for different areas of the game
- Setting up more detailed sound events in Wwise
- Communicated across a 38 person team to get sounds implemented.
- Set up auditions for voice actors, as well as setting up all voice lines in Wwise.
- Worked with a composer for music, as well as setting up a music system that changes with the world state.
- Continuously tested the game to make sure audio levels were well balanced and bug free.
Pyromancer Gameplay
Abjurer Gameplay:
Alchemist Gameplay:
Final Wave and Ending Cutscene:

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